Commander 32 for 32, vol. 1: Mono White


 Welcome, MPM Family, to the initial installment of 32 for 32. In this 32-part series, we'll examine each of the 32 color combinations in Magic: The Gathering and construct a Multiplayer Commander deck for each combination. For each build in this series, we'll select a commander, consider the most powerful cards, and dig up underrated tech. Expect us to diversify this master list as much as possible with different focuses, win-cons, budgets, and power levels.

For each Commander, we will be joined by Sart Rowe from Mythic MTG. Sart will offer his perspective on the color, deck, and as we go through these we'll also reflect back on comments, suggestions, and ideas you share with us. So, make sure to comment your ideas and suggestions either here, on Facebook, or in the EDH Sub-Reddit because we are building paper versions of each deck and I'll test them out against the local competition here in the DC area, then share follow-up notes in the succeeding installment of the series. 

We aren't planning any specific path through the color combinations or any specific order, but something about starting with mono-white just seems appropriate. 


Focus: Color-Control Themed (Mostly From the Commander)
Sub-focus: Equipment Voltron
Power level: Medium (Can hold it's own against big-budget decks)
Fun/Power Scale: 6/10
Budget: Medium ($200 - $600)


Mono White in Commander

Before we look at the Decklist, lets review the Mono-White stance in Commander, generally. Here is a small sample of the best cards in the color identity, and underplayed cards or budget alternates.

Best Mono-White Creature(s) for Commander: Stonehewer Giant, Avacyn, or Eternal Dragon could easily take this throne. Mirran Crusader does so much work that it needs to be in this conversation, Silverblade Paladin could be the best for supporting a Voltron. But, Stoneforge Mystic is in a league of it's own. SFM allows you to tutor and cheat your favorite equipment past pesky counterspells.

Best Mono-White Instant/Sorcery(s) for Commander: Cataclysm takes it here; not that it matters, but in this deck, it's even better. Look into trying out Cataclysmic Gearhulk or Tragic Arrogance for a similar effect. Austere Command can swing games as well. It's possible that your local meta may require you to run all three. Armageddon or Ravages of War have the dominance to lock in a win if you can get ahead with resources on the battlefield, but this condition doesn't come easily or often in Mono-White.

Best Mono-White Enchantment(s) for Commander: White has the best pillow-fort cards in the game, the best of those being Blind Obedience. But Pillow-forting aside, Land Tax is outrageous, especially with Scroll Rack. Lately, I've been in love with Consulate Crackdown.

Best Mono-White Planeswalker for Commander : Precon Nahiri. Elspeth, Sun's Champion would be a close second.

Best Artifact for Mono-White Commander: With it being Mono-White's turn in the spotlight, it is all but required for an equipment artifact to take best artifact honors. Of Course, great mana-doubling artifacts that fit great in Mono-Colored decks (looking at you, Gauntlet of Power, Caged Sun, and Extraplanar Lens) could be named here. But, in a complementary measure to SFM, Umezawa's Jitte outperforms each of them, especially with Mono-white support. 'Top equipment' contenders Batterskull and Sword of Feast and Famine demand honorable mentions in this conversation. Also, If you're running Land tax, Scroll Rack becomes jet fuel for Mono-White.

And here is where I mention that Kor Haven and Emeria aren't as good as Nykthos.

The Deck

Some Quick Deck Details:

Win-Cons: Grafted Exoskeleton, Fireshrieker, or Inquisitor's Flail
Jank Rating: Running Puresteel/Heartseeker, Kjeldoran Royal Guard, and Pentarch Paladin; mostly, it's good stuff and control, so probably 3/10
Curve: Super Tight. 
-7th Most Popular Mono White Commander


I hope everybody enjoyed this glimpse into Mono-White. Thanks again for joining us, Sart, can't wait to do many more of these. Check out Sart's Channel 'Mythic MTG Tech' for more great Eternal MTG videos. Please leave your feedback; I'll test each deck out. Expect to see 8 1/2 notes and records at the conclusion of the series' next installment. Until then, scoop responsibly.
Pass Priority,

P.S. - A quick post, I actually did swap out the old Thalia for the more recent one, that edit didn't make this list by the time we published.


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For those who want to keep track of where we're at:

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