Commander 32 for 32, vol. 3: Temur

Commander 32 for 32, vol. 2: Temur


 Welcome, MPM Family, to the third installment of 32 for 32. This is the 32-part series where we'll examine each of the 32 color combinations in Magic: The Gathering and construct a Multiplayer Commander deck for each combination. For each build in this series, we'll select a commander, consider the most powerful cards, and dig up underrated tech. Expect us to diversify this master list as much as possible with different focuses, win-cons, budgets, and power levels. 

If you've checked out the last installment, on Dimir, you already know that each deck-building mission will have unique focuses and sub-focuses. While it's challenging to stick exactly to the colors, we'll always keep on-theme- and that deck's theme was 'Mill'. For this deck, we'll look into 'Wheel' effects. (ie. we don't need to get into details about how good Cyclonic Rift and Capsize are in every Blue build)  

Make sure to comment your ideas and suggestions either here, on Facebook, or in the EDH Sub-Reddit because we are building paper versions of each deck and I'll test them out against the local competition here in the DC area, then share follow-up notes in the succeeding installment of the series. 

We aren't planning any specific path through the color combinations or any specific order, and today's piece should continue the precedent that we'll be mixing it up the whole time. 


Focus: Wheeling
Sub-focus: Card Draw Matters
Power level: Medium (Can hold it's own against big-budget decks)
Fun/Power Scale: 4/10
Budget: Medium ($200 - $600)

Temur in Commander

Before we look at the Decklist, lets overview the Temur stance in Commander, generally. Here is a small sample of the best cards in the color identity, and underplayed cards or budget alternates.

Best Temur Creature for Commander: An argument can be made that Animar, Soul of Elements is best paper commander available. It's hard to argue against him. Maelstrom Wanderer is a great Commander or late-game finisher in the Temur wedge. Surrak Dragonclaw is most versatile and call almost fit into any Temur build. Lastly, Temur Sabertooth is outstanding for some jank tech to really make your opponents dig to find answers. The Sabertooth protects you board and lets you recast creatures with 'enter the battlefield' value. This guy makes wanderer decks completely nuts by milking the value on the Cascade mechanic, which triggers on casting.

Best Temur Instant/Sorcery for Commander: I dug up Guided Passage here because it was recently played against me and gave my opponent a bunch of fuel. Temur Charm may be the worst of it's cycle and Trap Essence seems underwhelming in this colors. I'll save Decimate for Gruul. How do you about Prosperity? This may be the best color combination to use Prosperity, with Red and Green, you're almost certain to get as much value as opponents.

Best Temur Enchantment for Commander: Temur Ascendancy is awesome, despite being the only choice here. I'm experimenting with Bounty of Luxa and As Foretold in my build, but the Ascendancy will likely reclaim it's position in the deck. Haste and card advantage is too much to ignore.

Best Temur Planeswalker for Commander: Sarkahn Unbroken is the lone Temur Planeswalker. He may be worth considering in this build we wanted to replace the Eldrazi Fatties with Dragons as a finisher, the challenge with using him at all is that his (+) ability isn't really worth the 5 CMC. While adding a Dragon sub-theme would be fun (looking at you, Intet, the Dreamer), we're adding a lot of colorless mana to the pool with Kydele. I love Kiora, Master of the Depths in this build, it's a little more original than the Garruk we all love. I'm also running Chandra Flamecaller in this build because it's the only time I'd ever use that card.

Best Artifact for Temur Commander: Mana rocks aside, Lifecrafter's Bestiary and Panharmonicon both take advantage of everything the Temur wedge offers. Teferi's Puzzle Box is a great way to wheel in colorless. Knowledge Pool helps solidify a victory, and a ton of fun.

Best Land for Temur Commander: This is where we'll talk about Kessig Wolf Run, one of the best lands in the Commander format. Even in a deck that doesn't create the obscene amounts of mana that this deck does, it still wins those grindy games late. But in a build like this, or with any Commander that has haste or evasion already, it's terrifying. If I manage to have Kydele and Kraum in play, this land almost certainly eliminates someone -just make that someone whoever is the biggest threat. 

The Deck.

Some Quick Deck Details:

Win-Cons: Big Creatures, included a Fireball for flavor also
Jank Rating: This deck is nearly 100% Fun, but enough serious packages to give opponents a lot of trouble fast- 7/10.
Curve: If you don't count 5 or so win-cons (all of which you can play early), the curve is actually low for the format. If you do count those fatties, then the curve is outrageous.
-7th Most Popular Temur Commander(s)



I hope everybody enjoyed this glimpse into Temur. What did we miss? What do you run? Can't wait to hear from you. Until then, scoop responsibly.
Pass Priority,


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